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Project description

With no public climbing gyms in the city, Approach sought to create a bright, welcoming environment that would capitalize on the growing popularity of climbing and allow Omaha’s more adventurous residents a place to hone a new skill.

To engage with that public, vibrantly colored walls were arrayed along the length of the space, each facing the broad glass facade and turning each climb into a spontaneous performance that draws in onlookers from the street.  Once inside, the sharp folds of the reception desk cling tightly to the point of service space, the concealed equipment return, and the snack bar, twisting and oscillating in size to fit each function.  The collective angular form seems to lunge outward at arriving guests in complimentary anticipation of the climbing walls beyond.  Together, all of the individual elements speak to a singular sense of place, an invitation to climb.


Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Size: 12268 SQ. FT.

Type: Modern

Status: Completed