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Project description

Traditional French country homes, rooted in the undulating hills of rural France, have a timeless elegance that seem almost effortless. Free of the often tawdry embellishments of their aristocratic counterparts, they tend to have an earthy quality marked by simple materials, purposeful scaling, and inert balance. In its modern incarnation, even expatriated to the flat plains of Nebraska, the vernacular retains an unpretentious charm derived from elegant simplicity. Here, a group of robust gables reach above the shallow roofline, imbuing fanciful character while beckoning visitors in, just as a trio of rounded dormers, proudly perched atop the living room roof, flood the space with sunlight. Clad in natural materials, warm accents of wood and copper punctuate a background of cool, muted stone and stucco. Composed together, these humble pieces form a timeless whole.


Location: Elkhorn, Nebraska

Size: 5,166 SQ. FT.

Type: Traditional

Status: Completed